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Become part of the all in 1 pre-sale plugin for opticians without a webshop Lookbook is the new FIRST MOVER solution for opticians, disrupting the optical industry. The pre-sale plugin Allows opticians to show their eyewear collections online, to increase the footfall and sales for their physical store.

Lookbook is the perfect solution for opticians who want to showcase their collection online without the hassle and cost of a webshop.

You know that consumers are increasingly doing their research online before they buy. With Lookbook, you can keep your customers engaged and loyal, and avoid losing them to online competitors or chains.

You don’t need to worry about taking photos of your eyewear or setting prices. All you need to do is respond to your reservations and enjoy the sales!

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We are no longer stimulated by old-fashioned images of glasses. And 40% of young people between 19 and 29 years old no longer use Google but Instagram and TikTok to discover locations, restaurants, and shops. An experience: that’s what today’s customer demands. And preferably one they can activate when they have the time and desire. If you can capture these qualities in one tool, as an optician, you have gold in your hands… literally!

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What do Sven Krijgsman (lookizi), Floris Diemel (TRYME), and Brian Kragt (Bobo’s Eyewear) have in common? Their desire to take eyeglass fitting to a higher and more profitable level! The number of non-billable hours on the shop floor during the eyeglass fitting process is enormous. And furthermore: those old-fashioned pictures just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time for a change! The iziLookbook presale plug-in is a reality. Why is it indispensable for you as an optician? It is luxurious in appearance and use, strong in sales, effective against non-billable hours, exceptionally affordable, and integrable with all opticians in Europe. Yes, even for non-lookizi customers! The gentlemen explain.

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