disrupting the eyewear industry

Our Mission Statement

TRYME’s platform is disrupting the eyewear industry.

Our software suite enhances the eyewear selection process for consumers, brands, retailers, and e-commerce businesses, by facilitating hyper realistic product experiences anytime, anywhere.

Our platform provides unprecedented data insights and knowledge, leading to industry leading customer convenience, increased engagement, and decreased returns, which contributes to a more sustainable eyewear industry.

We drive increased profits and traffic, for d2c and b2b companies. creating the industry’s only comprehensive, synergetic software suite which supports – the entire eyewear value chain’s – objectives.

Our story

The early days

In a convergence of passion and expertise, Floris (CEO) crossed paths with Rishi and Patrick. United by a shared background in commerce and marketing, we embarked on a transformative journey. With years of collective experience in the realm of Augmented Reality, an idea emerged – to revolutionize the eyewear experience.

This idea, born from an eagerness to bridge the gap between innovation and reality, rapidly
evolved. It grew into an online platform that would redefine the industry. The driving force? Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing groundbreaking technologies.

Fuelled by this synergy, the development of our flagship TRYME platform began. A comprehensive
solution designed to envelop every facet of the eyewear value chain, from inception to fruition.

May 2019

Our story

TRYME displays

Our hyper-realistic virtual try-on solution made its debut at EUROSHOP 2020. The positive feedback and keen interest in our technology highlighted our competitive advantage through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies.

Following the successful launch of the TRYME display, our focus shifted towards refining our offering to cater to e-commerce enterprises, eyewear labels, and opticians.

In the wake of introducing the TRYME display, our e-commerce solution garnered attention from various media outlets and received recognition, including accolades such as the Smart Retail Tech Innovation Awards.

Our story

Growing Software Suite

We consistently enhance and evolve our powerful software suite, delivering robust solutions across the complete value chain and at every interaction point with consumers.

Up to the present, we have been actively creating novel offerings, such as our Social Try-On feature that facilitates trying on eyeglasses via social media platforms.

Additionally, the Lookbook plugin empowers independent opticians to showcase their collections online, offering customers the convenience of reserving selections on the web for in-store pickup.

Furthermore, our database experiences continuous growth on a daily basis.

Our story

Next big things

We stand on the brink of introducing a monumental transformation in the eyewear sector. In the upcoming year of 2024, we are poised to revolutionize the online shopping experience and the manner in which consumer discover their new favourite pair of glasses.

Through our forthcoming platform, consumers will enjoy a fully personalised stylist experience, unprecedented within the realms of the fashion industry. Keep yourself engaged and prepared for the launch.

Wan’t to be part of our journey?

Our business
Make it fun to do
Things really make an impact when it has a bit of fun to it.
Create meaningful experience
With meaningful experience we inspire people, convince people and make them part in your story, product and belief.
Innovate and evolve
We love creating new things, improving existing technologies and innovating to make the most hyper realistic experience for your consumers.
Highlight the bright side
By showing the uniqueness and added value of eyewear companies by focussing on their values and target audiences.
Do what is good for our environment
We believe in a better world and harnessing the power of innovation and creativity to make it happen, by reducing the CO2 footprint of eyewear companies.
Our journey to a better environment
We are Proud of our rapid growing customer base