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Social try on boosts customer engagement for eyewear companies, drive more traffic to websites, stimulate the amount of glasses tried on, and allows companies to add a new channel to drive customers to their webshop or physical store.

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Core features

Live Virtual Try On

Hyper realistic and powerful engine allowing complex 3D’s

Packshot Replacement
No more costs for photography of your eyewear collection
Realtime Face Tracking
As if your are standing in front of a mirror
Real Size Guarantee
Eyewear size as in real life thanks to complex face tracking
Statistics of Usage

Better Yield with valuable customer data

Ongoing maintenance
And constant ongoing evolutions of our solutions
Fastest 3D producer

in the market. And no need to send physical products

CAD Design 3D modelling

3D models can be created based on your CAD files

Social Try On Benefits for your company

Improve your brand visibility

Social media is the new marketing channel to improve your company’s traffic to your website. By displaying the uniqueness and added value of your eyewear we can grow your brand’s visibility on social media, by paying attention to your product and target audiences.

Boost your customer engagement
Social try on enhances customer engagement for eyewear companies, generate more traffic to websites, raise the amount of glasses tried on, and allow companies to add a new channel to drive customers to their webshop or physical store

Go viral with your collection

Our Social Try On filters can effortlessly be gamified in many fun and engaging ways. Enhance your new eyewear collections, let your customers share their filters and go viral with your eyewear brand on social media.

Our Powerful and hyper realistic Virtual try on disrupts the eyewear industry. Allowing online shoppers to try before they buy. Enhancing customer’s confidence, satisfaction, and engagement, while reducing returns and costs.

Lookbook is a disrupting, First Mover, pre-sale plugin for the optical industry. Allowing opticians to show their eyewear collections online, to increase the footfall and sales for their physical store.
TRYME Database is the fast growing accelerator for your online eyewear platform, allowing companies to showcase their products through one or more TRYME solutions to enhance your product experience online.