The all in 1 pre-sale plugin for opticians without a webshop

Lookbook is the new FIRST MOVER solution for opticians, disrupting the optical industry. The pre-sale plugin Allows opticians to show their eyewear collections online, to increase the footfall and sales for their physical store.

Core features

Eyewear Gallery
Gallery of your store’s collection on your website
Live virtual try on
Hyper realistic eyewear try on, from the comfort of home
Social Media content
Weekly content from the brands you sell in your store
Social try on
On your own Facebook and Instagram page
Customised design
Lookbook is designed in your company’s look&feel.
Reservation form
Your customers can easily reserve glasses online from your collection
Automatic pricing
The pricing is automatically added in price ranges that fit your store
24/7 Helpdesk

Always someone there to help you out

Statistics of Usage

Better Yield with valuable customer data

Ongoing maintenance
And constant ongoing evolutions of our solutions
Ongoing Database
Of all top brands within the market, so you will always have relevant collection
Branding Package
A starter package of business cards and in-store content
Why Opticians need the Lookbook Plugin

Lookbook is the perfect solution for opticians who want to showcase their collection online without the hassle and cost of a webshop. You know that consumers are increasingly doing their research online before they buy. With Lookbook, you can keep your customers engaged and loyal, and avoid losing them to online competitors or chains. You don’t need to worry about taking photos of your eyewear or setting prices. All you need to do is respond to your reservations and enjoy the sales!

glasses sold per week

Increased footfall in store

Lookbook is a revolutionising, First Mover, pre-sale plugin for the optical industry. Allowing opticians to show their eyewear collections online, to increase the footfall and sales for their physical store. Increase your weekly sales of eyewear with around 2 pairs per week
Increased engagement
Increase your engagement rate with Virtual try on. People enjoy using virtual try on, and will try on four times more glasses from your collection than without it. Increase the amount of followers of your instagram and become the most visited optician in your local city or village
Why consumers love the Lookbook Plugin

Higher convenience in shopping journey

“Finally I’m able to navigate through my local optician’s gallery from the comfort of home. I am able to discuss my decisions with my family and friends thus enabling me to be confident in my next choice of prescription glasses”
Consumers are able to reserve glasses and plan their visit online
“Thanks to the reservation functionality I am able to plan my visit to the optician from A to Z. I can make a selection of my favourite pair of glasses, select my optical treatments and make an appointment on the date I would like to visit.”
You will get a lot in return from your happy customers
Reduce valuable costs and time with TRYME’s Lookbook. We have created a solution with an as low as much impact on your day to day business.
Higher Footfall
Lower costs of returns and less emissions
Positive reviews
More positive reviews from happy customers
More products tried on
Consumers will try on 4 times more products thanks to virtual try on
Higher Engagement
Consumers will be more engaged with your brand
More customers from abroad
Consumers are more willing to travel for their favourite brand
Useful Statistics
Higher consumer usage provides useful statistics
Low impact on day to day business, high results
Reduce valuable costs and time with TRYME’s virtual try on solution. We have created a solution with an as low as much impact on your day to day business.
Installation time
Max 1 hour to install. Easy and fast with our tutorials
Eyewear production
Unlike with our competitors, there is no need to send physical products to us
Production time eyewear
50 SKU’s per day. So no need to wait weeks for your collections to be live
CAD designs allowed
We are able to produce 3D models from non-existing eyewear, based on your CAD files
Meaningful Statistics
Discover your popular products and boost your business
No more Photography
Less costs on photography. More time for doing business
A branding package to start of like a rocket with Lookbook
The branding package contains lots of cool branding, which is custom made for your optical store, to boost traffic towards your website and Lookbook. Increasing footfall in your physical store
QR Business Cards
Table Standard
Digital screen content
Website content

Our Powerful and hyper realistic Virtual try on disrupts the eyewear industry. Allowing online shoppers to try before they buy. Enhancing customer’s confidence, satisfaction, and engagement, while reducing returns and costs.

Social try on boosts customer engagement for eyewear companies, drive more traffic to websites, stimulate the amount of glasses tried on, and allows companies to add a new channel to drive customers to their webshop or physical store.
TRYME Database is the fast growing accelerator for your online eyewear platform, allowing companies to showcase their products through one or more TRYME solutions to enhance your product experience online