Alpha 3D and TRYME partner up to revolutionise AI-Generated 3D eyewear

Alpha3D and TRYME are thrilled to announce a partnership that will advance the field of AI-generated 3D model creation in eyewear. Alpha3D, a generative AI-powered 2D image to 3D model generation solution, and TRYME, a virtual try-on platform for eyewear, will bring their unique capabilities together in a collaboration that marks a significant step forward in the integration of AI and 3D modeling technologies.

About Alpha3D and TRYME

Alpha3D has made a name for itself by transforming text prompts or 2D images into 3D digital assets in mere minutes. The platform breaks down barriers by allowing anyone, regardless of their 3D modeling knowledge, to create digital assets in a cost-effective and timely manner. It is as simple as using text prompts or uploading 2D images to the Alpha3D app, and the AI handles the rest. The digital assets, which are compatible with any 3D environment, can be used in various applications, from Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Virtual Try-On (VTO) to gaming, the Metaverse, and even as NFTs.

On the other side of this partnership, TRYME offers a seamless AR experience using its virtual try-on solution. Their plug-and-play software, powered by face AR technology, provides real-time interactions for customers across websites, e-commerce platforms, and in-store experiences. This ability for customers to virtually try on an entire eyewear collection on any device adds a new level of engagement to the retail experience.

The Essence of The Partnership

In this partnership, TRYME will cooperate in the training of Alpha3D’s AI on complex eyewear. This will enable Alpha3D to further train its generative AI, refining its ability to automatically generate high quality 3D models of glasses and sunglasses from single shot 2D image inputs in minutes.

“This partnership is a monumental step forward for both companies,” stated Madis Alesmaa, CEO at Alpha3D. “The fusion of TRYME’s comprehensive 3D model data with our generative AI technology will revolutionize how eyewear models are created and presented to customers.”

Impact of The Partnership

This partnership will reshape the customer experience in the eyewear industry. With TRYME’s extensive 3D eyewear model expertise and Alpha3D’s powerful generative AI, the ability to create a wide array of 3D eyewear models will be significantly accelerated and simplified. This will streamline the process of creating diverse eyewear collections for virtual try-on experiences, making it more accessible and immersive for customers.

Looking ahead, this partnership aligns with both Alpha3D’s and TRYME’s strategic direction of pushing the boundaries of technology to create the best possible customer.

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