Good news for Opticians! We present to you The IZI LOOKBOOK plugin.

Sounds familiar? You do not have any time and assets for running a webshop online! Let alone time to photograph, upload and maintain your entire eyewear collection on your webshop. After all you are busy with you specialism as optician.

But at the same time you DO notice that online business is becoming more and more important, due to the large amount of online competitors.

That’s why there is now ; the IZI LOOKBOOK Plugin
With the click of a button we install on your own website an eyewear gallery with smart filter and search functions. Easily select your own product collection thanks to our extensive database of popular brands and frames.

And you will definitely make the difference with the hyper realistic virtual try on solution. This allows you to try on glasses live from your LOOKBOOK on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. As if you’re really standing in front of a mirror.

With the reserve button, your customers can easily order frames online and then pick them up at your physical store. The plugin is suitable for any type of platform or website. Boost your company’s sales and visitor numbers with this indispensable solution!
What are you waiting for?