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fit for all major platforms


TM-ENTRY provides a turn-key, easy to install solution, especially made for Opticians and Optometrists.
This package is supported by a ProductViewer plug-in, in case you do not have an e-commerce website.

TRYME ProductViewer
Girl with laptop trying out tryme


TM-PREMIUM provides a turn-key solution for e-Commerce ,eTailors, Brands and Manufacturers. You can easily manage your own eyewear database in our customer portal. Request the newest eyewear products and add new products to your platform(s)

in store solution

TRYME MIRROR is an instore kiosk that turns  into a magical self service virtual mirror, in real-time. Our mirror also serves as a narrowcasting module for your company commercials. 

TRYME virtual try-on mirror in the SINNER store, Amsterdam.
TRYME SOLUTIONS employee creating 3D eyewear

3d studio

Unlike other companies, we create hyper-realistic 3D models of every brand. Our team of 3D designers are experienced eyewear designers from the eyewear branche. Ready to create your complete catalogue.


TRYME database is growing on daily basis. Our team of 3D designers add all the latest eyewear models in our database especially for you to use. Are you missing eyewear in our database? Request for free.

RAY BAN Wayfarer 3D model of TRYME SOLUTIONS