TRYME – Smart Retail Tech Innovation Award Nominee 2021

Smart retail tech innovation award nominee 2021. We are incredibly proud to announce that @TRYME is nominated for the Smart Retail Tech Innovation Awards 2022. 2 years ago we founded TRYME to make a difference and innovate in the retail industry through the most realistic virtual try-on solution in the market. We are extremely proud of the recognition of Smart Retail Tech and all the local & international customers that choose TRYME as their partner. The Smart Retail Tech awards recognise brands that are grabbing consumer attention across the omnichannel journey and are breaking ground with new technology solutions, becoming the industry's benchmark that retailers can measure themselves against. The awards celebrate the companies leading the way to create an intelligent retail world. Over the last year, customer expectations have shifted. 2021 has seen a massive uptick in the utilisation of IOT and augmented reality as consumers are willing to spend up to 16% more on products and services with companies that offer a better experience. The awards will be presented at the Smart Retail Tech Expo on the 2nd & 3rd of March 2022 in London by an esteemed industry judging panel.  Stay tuned in the coming period to discover some of our new innovative TRYME products which are about to be launched! Many thanks to our fantastic team and partners; Rishi, Patrick, Csaba, Paul, Tom van gemeren, Gordan, Pavel, Dmitry, Roman, serhii kolin, Corné, Ralf, Leon, pien, sven