Oculus magazine coverstory

We are proud that Oculus magazine asked us to do a coverstory in their magazine.

Oculus is the trade magazine for the optics industry with a focus on entrepreneurship, but also optics and design. The magazine responds in areas of interest of the target group such as: entrepreneurship, retail, fashion and trends, products, suppliers, fairs, quality and craftsmanship and care. In addition, each issue contains tips and advice in the field of legal and tax matters.

Some paragraphs:

Always and everywhere a “TRYME” interactive mirror with all conceivable frames within reach? Whether the customer is in your store, at home at the computer, or is walking in the park with his smartphone.
You can try on glasses anywhere and anytime with the TRYME technology. But how exactly does that work? And why is this solution so interesting right now? Founding partner Floris Diemel tells all about it.

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